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United Kingdom applied for approval method based visa system scale (Points-Based System). In this way, to get a visa to study in the UK you need to prove that you are accepted into a course at a training institution licensed by the UK Border Agency (UKBA), you can financial eligibility to study in the UK, at the same time providing personally identifiable information in the agency receiving records – British Embassy in Hanoi and the VFS in Ho Chi Minh City.
You can apply for a visa before you plan to come to the UK for 3 months. Season usually from May visa to September so you should be prepared soon.
There are certain types of Student Visa?

Here are the appropriate visa category for the post-secondary level and universities. Visa type you choose depends on how long you plan to stay in the UK, whether you plan to work and / or study courses alternating work time while in the UK or not.
You will need Tier 4 (General) Student visa if:

– Your age 16 and over

– Your course is longer than six months;

– You want to work while studying in the UK (as defined by UKBA);

– You might want to renew the visa after immigration to the UK – on the condition that you attend school confirming your new program is a continuation of the course the previous connector.
You will need Tier 4 (Child) Student visa if:

– Your age from 4 to 17 years old;

– Your course is longer than six months.

Note: students aged 4 to 15 will have to attend a private school in the form of fee paying students.
You will need the Student / visitor visa extended if:

– Your course is six months or less

– You do not want to work or attending courses alternating work time

– You do not want to renew the visa in the UK
Child visitor visa you will need if:

– Your age from 4 to 17 years old, your course lasts less than six months (eg. Summer courses) including physical courses like summer soccer courses.
How many points you need to qualify for a visa Students Often?

You need 40 points to qualify, and you can check how many points you can before applying. The number of points you need is calculated as follows:
30 points: Letter visa support guarantee from your unit (the school where you will learn)

You should receive a Letter of admission (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies – CAS) due to the level of your choice, assert your content is accepted for admission, and provide details about you and you are about to learn the course.

This letter is very important – it demonstrates that your school will act as the guarantor of your entry, they are confident that you have the ability to study that course and will be responsible for you during you are in the UK.
10 points: Check for (the source) of financial necessity

The length of the course Place School Financial Resources required
9 months or less In London £ 1,000 tuition + living expenses for each month of the course
Besides London Tuition + £ 800 per month living expenses of the course
Longer than 9 months in London Tuition fees + £ 9,000 first year living expenses for the first year in England
In addition to London’s first year tuition + living expenses £ 7,200 for the first year in England
To pass the test of the necessary financial resources you need to prove that you have sufficient funds to finance during the learning process. This amount includes money to pay school fees and your living expenses. Financial resources you need depends on where you study and your course of time how long.
What you need when applying for a visa?

Department Student visa application normally takes nhunggiay the following:

Print the completed visa application form and have your signature
Copy the appendix (Appendix) have filled the information
Your current passport with at least 2 blank trangcon
Copy of passport
1 passport photograph (4 × 6) taken on a white background
CAS Number (Letter of Admission) issued by the school you enroll.
A letter confirming the child’s parents agree to go to school (consent letter) with all signatures of parents for students under 18
Proof of financial (bank statements)
The original and copies of diplomas and certificates on which school to accept your review on the course
The original and copies of household register
If the course is longer than 6 months, need more certificates you are not infected with tuberculosis from a Health Centre was commissioned by the International Organization for Migration (IOM)
All the above documents must be original and if not expressed in English or Welsh should be attached by a certified English translation.
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