Planning study

Hints to prove the serious study plan

A serious study plan is planned to be HSSV selected with logical reasons. A good study plan will not only help students succeed with the visa but also facilitate the learning process in the long run. Here are some things we aggregate and hints for you to prepare answers to convince his planned:

Why choose this plan are:

You must have a clear reason why choose this plan, why do you study in high school stage or why you chose this profession to attend. So, learn to be a reasonable explanation for each of his choice, to suit the plan itself.


Select the program:

When choosing a course, you need to know ahead of key data that can switch through the same program or not; majors can attend; This study will help you accomplish your career path or not; academic courses or applicability.

Select a place to study:

Although there are hundreds of great schools, but it seems that many students self-limiting your options by choosing to live with relatives want to study abroad. With this option, students can be better family care. But there are also many advantages to choosing the opposite. For example, when in a dormitory, you can better focus on learning, achieve high academic performance and maintain annual scholarships; The opportunity to make friends with the natives will increase English skills, to integrate into American society, experience American cultural identity; learn to live and independent thinking; more mature and more …

For students, to prepare for future careers, it is important that you break into the world of work, which helps students generally more mature. Normally, with the large international companies, the hiring decision based on how applicants can now interview almost the most important. So English skills plus practical experience, the maturity will help you a lot in recruitment interviews.

Financial planning study

Provide the required financial items, support resources, and tips for spending the new policy for students in Vietnam. Finance is always a top concern of parents as well as students when students decide to study. This article supports you read financial planning when deciding to study for themselves or their children. Reference: Common Questions financial proved when studying.

Finance when studying abroad is composed of 4 main sections: tuition, living expenses, scholarships and more. In the article will also grant the calculation of fees, with tips to save money and update the new policy of the government of Canada for international students.

1 tuition of the course will be determined by the curriculum and learning time. When choosing a school many parents have high school psychology is just as well, given preference to university programs and graduate. But in Canada, education, advanced degrees not always easy to get a job than a degree lower. For the purpose of training of each program varies. The diploma program, Post Gaduate, Co-op in order to train the best employees. Also undergraduate programs and postgraduate nature more intensive research scientists create, talented fellows.

Training time
Time is also learned that a lot of your parents and the students at attention in their academic choices. Pay the cost study for 2 years always easier lot than 4 years or 6 years. For safety you should select 2-year associate degree and then transfer to a university 2 years. Total time remains constant, but after 2 years you’ve had college degrees. You’ve probably decided to go to work or study at this stage. A method of hedging great for your students.

Tuition Refund Policy
Examples of policies to pay tuition while studying Canada: To encourage the study of international students in Canada as well as to the need talent Canadian government launched various policies including hoc return policy Manitoba’s fees. Ie within 6 years of work in Canada, each year the student will be refunded 10% of the total tuition paid to the school. For example, you study at the University of Manitoba in 4 years, annual tuition is 13,000 CAD. Total tuition is CAD 52,000 each year to work in Manitoba after graduation you will receive 5,200 CAD continuously for 6 years.

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