Foreign language exam


Specialist training and certification exam preparation ielts international standards, quality assurance credibility, professionalism, in order to help the Vietnamese community to enhance the value of foreign language knowledge to confidently integrating into the world, and leverage our position as a training institution strong global reputation.

Build an environment of quality education, friendly, professional. Create confidence and knowledge for the Vietnamese community improvement qualities of successful people, are full of skills – knowledge – learning outcomes achieved international standards.

Center staff are committed by all faith, dedication to education in developing countries and strong house. Our commitment is to provide language training to perfect wing for the achievements and dedication of international stature in the future of each student. We use the modern facilities combined with the most professional teaching staff, world class, in order to help all students improve language skills of proving a best way.

The center has a team of senior lecturer, has graduated from famous universities in the world, is currently working in teaching, research programs, following the success of its students.
Training courses Our English very diverse learning needs of each student in each age group.
We provide to students general English courses, IELTS, TOEIC, Business English and English for children with special education and modern. To promote its strength, the center has invested in modern defense system, ensuring the quality of international standards.

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